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International Patent Application

INSF launched an International Patent Application Group in the late 2006 to provide material and immaterial support to inventors and help in patenting inventions internationally. This group is composed of professors and researchers with expertise in various scientific fields and Intellectual Patent rights. Providing policies, guidelines and procedures to support international patenting and specifying priorities to support inventions are the most significant activities performed by this group.

Inventions with the following characteristics are prioritized for support and funding in INSF:  

  • Having a great potential for investment and business
  • Having a great potential for creating employment opportunities in the country
  • Providing help in the country’s material, cultural and political interests
  • Meeting the country’s critical needs
  • Helping in the  development of new technologies
  • Resulting from INSF research projects 

How to Submit Proposals

Having created an account in the INSF online Research and Technology Management System, inventors should follow the exact steps outlined in the system and submit their applications electronically. 

Please download this document to gain further information on how to file an international patent application in INSF

How Inventions are Patented Internationally

After submitting the application form, an associate will review the submitted documents. Once the received documents  are complete and the internal patent certificate is received, the application form with all other supplementary documents will be directed to a reviewer. Reviewers are typically university professors and researchers who are experts in patenting inventions. After the reviewer passes his/her commentsthe application form will be directed to a specialized group for more advanced examination within international patent collections databases to make sure the invention has not been patented already and is new and genuine. If the invention has already been patented, the review process will be terminated at thie level. However, if the result of examination indicates the invention is not patented yetthe inventor will reach an agreement with the specialized brokerage group, and then will provide INSF with a copy of the agreement. It is worth mentioning, except for the step that inventors are required to take for contract purposesall other steps are performed electronically through INSF online system.  

How International Patenting Is Supported

INSF supports international patent application  in 3 stages. In the first stage, inventors, after providing INSF with a copy of the concluded agreement with a brokerage group, will receive half of the expenses incurred. The other half  is paid by the inventor. In the second and third stage, if the patent is classified as high tech, the inventor can apply to receive additional 30% of the incurred expenses. If inventors succeed to make an agreement to sell or commercialize the patent, INSF will pay the other 20% left from the incurred expenses. In addition to the support programs mentioned earlier, INSF provides help to inventors in the following areas:

1. Providing professional and legal advice on concluding contracts to attain authorization for selling or commercializing patents

2. Holding workshops to help advance inventors’ and researchers’ knowledge on patent application process

3. Providing assistance and support in commercializing patents

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