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Hosted by Fars Science and Technology Park;

18th ASPA International Conference

According to a report by the information and public relations center of the scientific and technological department of presidential office, Dr. Seyed Ahmad Fazelzadeh referred to the invitees to the conference, and said, “Fars province’s science and technology park as the country’s second biggest science and technology park in the country will early autumn host 400 participants from 15 countries, including Turkey, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.”

“The conference will be kicked off in Shiraz on October 15 and will be held for four days with the aim of interaction and expansion of scientific and technological diplomacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran using the successful experiences in the field of knowledge-based economy and with the approach of science and technology parks, innovation and commercialization opportunities in the era of concepts,” he added.

The 18-year background of the Asian conference

Fazelzadeh pointed to the fact that the conference enjoys a long history in Asia, and said, “18 international conferences of science and technology parks have been held in Asia and Iran which has participated in the conference 12 times has hosted it one time in Isfahan city by now and at present, given the created opportunity, the Islamic Republic of Iran will host the conference for the second time in Shiraz.”

The head of Fars province’ science and technology park underlined the importance of holding science and technology conferences in Asia, and said the science and technology parks play a considerable role in creating added value.

“Different countries stress the attention to science and technology for creating a sustainable and technology-based wealth and therefore, make efforts to share their achievements in this arena with other countries by holding annual conferences,” he added.

“The simultaneous holding of this conference in Iran with the year which is named as the year of economy and culture with national will and jihadi management and announcing the policies of resistance economy policies which are economy-based is an opportunity to pay more attention to the issue of knowledge-based economy more than before since it is the science and technology parks that can play a pivotal and effective role in producing wealth and added value,” he stated.

Fazelzadeh described ruling the science and technology discourse as the necessity of today society, and said, “Now we need the institutionalization of science and technology discourse as the main and institutionalized discourse in the country and paying attention to a knowledge-based economy, science and technology parks, growth centers and knowledge-based companies is necessary for its materialization.”

Iran’s opportunities by hosting the 18th conference

The executive secretary of the 18th International Conference of Asia Science and Technology Parks in Shiraz referred to the opportunities and perspectives before Iran in using the advantages of its holding in the country, and said, “The conference is an opportunity that the country’s managers and experts can exchange views with the successful managers in the field of science and technology face-to-face and without any mediator and make necessary uses of the training workshops due to be held concurrently with the conference.”

He underscored that raising the challenges in the field of technology management and paying attention to the helping ideas, paving proper grounds for creating the international technology networks with the centrality of the Islamic Republic of Iran, persuading the researchers to innovate and turn their idea into products in the research environments, introducing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s scientific and technological capabilities and becoming acquainted with the management achievements of the science and technology centers of other Asian countries are among other opportunities of hosting the conference.

The difference of Shiraz conference with the past events

Fazelzadeh pointed to the efforts made by the organizer group to increase the quality of the programs considered for the 4-day conference, and said, “In this conference a new part with the name of specialized meetings of commercialization of technology have been predicted in addition to presenting the researches of researchers within the framework of essays, in which a number of prominent professors and specialists of commercialization of technology in the country and the world will present their experiences and views in this field.”

Head of Fars Province’s Science and Technology Park described moving towards the commercialization of technology in this conference as another obvious specification of the conference, and said, “It is for the first time that the importance of commercialization of technology is being paid attention along with the specialized meetings which has been welcomed by the Asian science and technology parks since this idea can provide the country’s specialists and knowledge-based companies with valuable information on commercialization of technology and obviate some challenges on the way of commercialization.”

According to him, in these speeches some figures, including Professor Kim from South Korea’s Yung University, Professor Naifeh from Illinois University in the US, Professor Phillips from New York University, Professor Goudarz Ahmadi from Clarkson University in the US and a number of other prominent international science and technology professors will participate.

Massive international support for holding conference in Iran

Fazelzadeh underlined that many efforts have been made in recent years to isolate Iran in different arenas by certain states and holding the International Conference of Asia Science and Technology Parks has foiled these attempts, and added that massive international supports have been made for holding the conference in Iran and Shiraz city.

 “The International Conference of Asia Science and Technology Parks is held annually and the hosts of any the two consecutive years are elected in them and in the 2013 conference held in South Korea, Iran and Russia presented their applications for hosting the conference and Iran and Shiraz city were unanimously selected,” he said.

 “The science ministry, the scientific and technological department of presidential office, the national elites foundations, the national commission of UNESCO and also the ISESCO are among the supporters of the conference,” he added.

The secretary of the 18th International Conference of Asia Science and Technology Parks referred to the programs predicted for the conference, and said, “Presentation of five speeches by keynote speakers, holding four training workshops, five specialized meeting on commercialization of technology in the field of managing science and technology park and an exhibition of the achievements of the knowledge-based companies within the framework of 50 booths are among the programs predicted.”

Receiving 70 essays from 10 countries for presentation in the conference

The head of Fars Province’s Science and Technology Park announced that Iran has called on the participating countries to present their essays in the conference, and said, “70 essays from 10 countries have been sent to the conference’s secretariat by now among which 35 essays have been selected for full presentation after judgments and 25 top essays will be selected for verbal presentation in the conference.”

He pointed to the specialized pivots of the conference, and said, “In the specialized meetings of commercialization the issues, including clean energies, IT, biotechnology, clean aviation and nanotechnology will be discussed.”

The 18th International Conference of Asia Science and Technology Parks will be held in Shiraz city on October 15-18 hosted by Fars province’s science and technology park.


Source: ISTI

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