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Innovation Development Center

 It is a center situated at INSF that coordinates and provides supportive services to innovation centers.

Innovation Development Center Mission

Innovation Development Center meets the national needs and helps in development of national economy through investing in new technologies, supporting innovation centers, and developing innovation and science in the country.

General Strategies for Supporting and Developing Innovation Centers

 Supporting the innovation centers which focus on developing new and advanced technologies.

 Supporting the innovation centers which focus on meeting the needs of cooperating companies and financial     


Identification and proper development of innovation networks (nodes, sites, innovation centers cooperating companies).

Establishment and development of proper communications with the aim of outsourcing the activities related to 

 supporting innovation centers.

 Innovation Development Center Organization Chart

 Innovation centers operate under the supervision of Innovation Development Center manager, and the four

 secretaries (financial secretary, legal affairs secretary, secretary for communication with other companies, and project

  management) provides supportive services for innovation centers. 



Different Kinds of Support Provided by the Innovation Development Center

Financial support:

1. Finding finacial resources (nationally and internationally)

2. Allocating part of INSF financial resources to the research projects in the Innovation Development Center

3. Carrying out some of the projects approved in INSF in line with the ones in the Innovation Development Center

Non-Financial Support

1. Supporting the innovation nodes and their establishment

2. Supporting the morenization of the innovation sites

3. Training

4. Legal advice and consultance

4. Establishing links between innovation centers and industry

5. Taking the necessary measures to face and overcome risks

6. Creating links among universities for sharing science and technology and using the country's research infrastructure properly

7. Providing the universities with help in registring their innovations and inventions

8. Engaging into interaction with other sectors for paving the way for the commercialization of products in the innovation centers


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