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Nowadays, Humanities and Social Sciences have achieved an important place in Iran. Comparing to the past two decades, majors related to Humanities and Social Sciences have expanded significantly. Fortunately, there are great capacities for advancing Humanities and Social Sciences majors in the country. This development has caused majorities of these majors to have their own specific academic disciplines and schools.

Humanities and Social Sciences group consists of distinguished professors and faculty members of universities who are in charge of research project evaluation consistent with their field of study. Evaluation of the research projects is done based on areas of high priority taking into consideration higher order documents.

INSF Research Priorities in Humanities and Social Sciences

The most prominent research areas in Humanities and Social Sciences group are as follows:

Persian Language and Literature

-The Persian language and computer

-The Persian language proficiency tests

-Th study of Persian dialects

-The study of narratology with a new approach

-The study of literary theory and criticism

-Interdisciplinary study of Persian language and literature (Art and Literature- Sociology and Literature)

-The study of Persian literature in light of Iran civilization  

-The study of Persian folklore literature

- The role of Persian literature in the reinforcement and consolidation of Iranian national and religious identity

-The relation between the study of Humanities with a non-sacred background and sacred worldview in man’s history and using it in favor of cultural requirements of Islamic republic of Iran.

-Preparation of historical encyclopedia of concepts in Humanities in Iran and Islam following internationally successful models

-Rereading and rewriting Islamic and Iranian literary heritage based on intercultural philosophy

-Electronic education of Persian language in an international scope

-Translation of classical Humanities books which have never been translated or have not been translated properly in order to present fine translations based on cultural requirements of Islamic Republic of Iran 

-Preparation of large, specialized and comprehensive databases in these areas: translators, translated books, books to be translated, specialized publication (divided by area), preparation of coursebooks in the field of specialized translation and translation studies

Persian Linguistics and Persian Language Teaching

-syntax and dialectology

-Writing descriptive grammar of standard Persian

-Recognition of dying dialects

-Typology of the standard Persian and other languages and dialects of Iran

-Preparation of an atlas for Iranian languages and dialects

-Creation of Persian corpus (along with social varieties of Persian language inside and outside Iran)

-Development of a corpus for Persian dialects and languages inside and outside Iran

-Applied linguistics and Persian language teaching

-Research on teaching Persian to non-native Persian speakers

-Designing (non)electronic resources and software for teaching Persian language 

-Creation of a software for translation to and from Persian

-Designing multimedia materials for Persian language teaching

-Preparation of standard tests for measuring the four skills for Persian (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) 

-Designing materials for Persian for Specific Purpose (PSP)

Dictionary and Encyclopedia Development

-Encyclopedia of Persian language and linguistics

-Etymology dictionary of contemporary Persian words

-Creation of Persian dictionary and other technical dictionaries consistent with Linguistics considerations

-Phraseology of technical words

Discourse Analysis

-Analysis of Imam Khomeini’s discourse from different angles (political, cultural, and juridical) before and after the Revolution 

-Analysis of the Supreme Leader’s discourse from different angles (political, cultural, and juridical) before and after the leadership

-A comparative analysis of Iranian religious and political leaders’ discourse with that of holy Prophet and Imams 

-The study of the discourse of new varieties of Persian among teenagers, new professions, anti-society groups, criminals, etc.

-The study of cognitive structure and discourse of Persian texts (spoken and written like diaries, letters, stories, poetry, play, speeches, etc.), music, photos, paintings, statues, etc., particularly before and after the Revolution and before and after the War 

-The cognitive study of spoken and non-spoken symbols (costumes, traditions, …) in different parts inside and outside Iran

Language in Quran and Nahjolbalaghe

-The study of the philosophical principles of language and their role in Quran

-The study of the linguistic mysteries of Quran (phonology, morphology, semantics, and syntax)

-The study of the linguistic mysteries of Nahjolbalaghe (phonology, morphology, semantics, and syntax)

-The study of the relation of the form and content in Quran

-The study of the relation of the form and content in Nahjolbalaghe 

Social Sciences

-The study of social identity and acculturation in Humanities

-The study of the role of media in raising awareness about social problems (emphasizing AIDS and addiction)

-Social entrepreneurship and sustainable development

-Designing an evaluation system for youth affairs and policies

-The study of the quality of mentally retarded people’s life emphasizing medical and educational services in the country

-Social justice and Islamic-Iranian development 

-Subsidy plan and the framework of welfare patterns 

-The study of the causes behind the increase in divorce

-Intellectual capital

-Social capital

-Social trust and commitment

-Social security and cultural behavior

-Indigenization of Humanities and the influential factors

-Laws and their role in social development

-Social discipline and the role of people and the media

-Women’s entrepreneurship

-Developing the culture of consultation

-The study of Islamic symbols and signs of identity

-Consistency of sociology books with students’ needs

-Organizing the country’s cultural system

-Females responsible for the household affairs and their employment

-The study of the extent to which the objectives set in 20 Year Vision Document are realized 

-Challenges facing the realization of the 20 Year Vision Document


-Scientific writing of the history of the prophets and Imams with an organized and systematic approach

-The historical study of the realization of Islamic government by the Prophet Muhammad and his successors 

-Civilization studies to know the different aspects of Islamic Iran

-Shia, Hamdani, Fatemi, and Deylami civilizations and their characteristics

-The history of Islam

-The history of Islamic Iran

-The challenge of the millennium from a historical perspective

-The study of historical problems due to the identity crisis of the generations and the gap between them

-Geographic pathology of Iran and its effect on historical challenges

-The role of civilization creation and science production by Iranians in the history of Islam

-Islamic and Iranian history schools

-The significance of Iran plateau and greed of the enemies towards it during the history 

Psychology and Education

-The study of Iranian students’ political culture in state universities

-Designing the educational system of Iranian state universities

-Meta-analysis on the popularity of addiction in Iran

-Mental and physiologic disorders of development in the second phase of childhood

-Evaluation of Drug Control Headquarter performance after the Revolution

-Evaluation of theoretical underpinning and practical challenges facing semi-centralized PhD programs in order to design an optimum pattern for the admission of candidates at Iran universities

Law and Political Sciences

-The study of Tehran Stock Market regulations

-Evaluation of the practical principles of public law in Islamic Republic of Iran

-Iran model, a model in the Islamic World: necessities, potentials, and limitations

-Iran’s energy diplomacy

-USA’s strategy towards Iran and Middle East

-Writing ‘soft war’ encyclopedia


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