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The research priorities in this group include:

Improvement of the Basic Principles

Genetic Principles of Disease

Latest research in this area show that almost all diseases are made due to the genetic problems or mutations or genetic disorders. Basic research on this area can play a highly fundamental role in the diagnosis and treatment of such disorders.

Cellular and Molecular Medicine

The most wonderful scientific findings are the ones related to the cellular and molecular treatments of disorders which is a great leap in science. In the new era, new means such cellular and molecular sciences are deeply needed for treatment, diagnosis, and prevention purposes.

The Role of Stem Cells in the Treatment of Diseases

In the cotemporary era, stem cells have made radical changes in the treatment of incurable and viral diseases. Research in this area can be a huge step in the advancement of of science in Iran and the world. In the modern world, the majority of treatment methods are considered a kind of cellular treatment. Even, in the majority of reference books these methods are frequently cited.

New Pharmacy

Pharmacy industry is one of the lucrative and efficient industries in every country. With the advancement of science, we are witness to huge developments in drugs and medicine such that their side effects are decreasing and their efficiency is increasing. The application of Nano-technology and Bio-technology have made huge strides in the production, type of consumption, and their effect strategy.

Medicinal plants

Our history in medicine is filled with accounts on medicinal plants. In the ancient books, which had been an important source for many countries, written by our classic scientists, the application of medicinal plants were popular for the treatment of various diseases. Nowadays, developed and industrialized countries such as China and Germany allocated a huge budget for research on these plants and their production. Research in this field can show Iranian scientists’ potentials in the near future and pave the way for the production of these plants given the natural resources of the country.


This field is one of the most acknowledged field in the medical sciences. Recently, almost all developed countries have allocated huge budgets and funds for research in this area. Perhaps, carrying out further studies in this field can shed more light on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, etc.


Priorities of the Country

Cardiovascular Diseases

The most popular reason of death in the country and the world are cardiovascular diseases. While, in the 21st century the majority of diseases such as infectious and bacterial ones are curable and controlled, human beings are bust grappling with cardiovascular diseases. Based on the data from different parts of the world, these diseases are becoming widespread in younger generations. Doing research in this area can significantly prevent the distribution of such diseases in the country.


This disease can be one of the most common causes of death in the country. Islamic Republic of Iran ranks the first in the number of traumatic patients in the Middle East. A considerable degree can be reduced if we do research in this area and find the roots and causes of this disease. The trouble incurred upon the have a very broad scope society running the gamut of physical and mental problems.


The second reason for death in the world and the third reason for death in our country. In 2013, 85 thousand cases of cancer were diagnosed in the country which resulted in the death of 3 thousand patients. We are witness to a considerable increase in the rate of cancer; therefore, careful and detailed planning should be made in this regard. Controlling cancer is based on several principles: timely treatment, prevention, research, the recognition of cancer, and care for the patients with cancer. The role of research in this area is undeniable which results in a more comprehensive picture of the disease.

Mental Disorders and Addiction

The majority of the people in the world are obsessed with these kinds of disorders. These disorders cause huge economic costs on the country along with huge damages made to the people who are in contact with such disorders.  

Metabolic Diseases

These diseases such as diabetics, osteoporosis, gland disorders, and development disorders are among the most common problems. Using the modern technologies, one can take huge strides in the treatment of such diseases so that the side effects and problems created by them are reduced drastically.   

New Diseases

As the world gets more modern, the diseases human beings are grappling with get more complicated. Long ago, no one knew what ‘Multiple Sclerosis’ was, but nowadays many people are suffering from this neurodegenerative disease. Doing research on new emerging diseases can help a lot in their treatment.


Many believe that the reason underlying the majority of diseases is nutrition. Scientists have been trying hard to find ways through which they can fight many of such diseases.

Ethics of Medicine

As science develops, the idea of the ethics in medicine gets more important. The results of current research are first applied in animals and then carried out in human being, this adds to the importance of this field as well. Expanding the borders of this field can result in the reduction of undeniable damages in medicine.

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