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In the history, Basic Sciences such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Biology, and Earth Sciences have been of prime importance for Muslims. Basic Sciences function as the theoretical basis for other sciences and studies in the academia. The developed countries have significantly invested in Basic Sciences through universities and other scientific centers. Investment in Basic Sciences pave the way for technological and scientific development.

The Basic Sciences group defines the research priorities of this field in INSF based on the country’s higher order documents and critical needs. This group is also responsible for evaluating the research projects submitted by the researchers.


The research priorities in this area include:

Condensed matter

Stem cells and molecular medicine

Medicinal plants

Energy conversion

Renewable energy

Cognitive and behavioral neuroscience


Biological Safety



High-energy and particle physics


Nonlinear algebra and mathematics, harmonic and functional analysis

Mathematical biology

Green chemistry

Biophysics and biochemistry

Tectonics and engineering geology



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