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Studying the development of Science and Technology Studies in Iran and the world, recognizing the challenges for the relationship between the university and industry and ways of bridging this gap, finding the research challenges for the country’s scientists and researchers and the mechanisms for improving the country’s research system, designing an appropriate model for finding and specifying the fundamental research priorities of the country, leading the national resources in the management area, and writing policies in science and technology. Promoting the country’s infrastructure for Science and Technology Studies sets the stage for exhausting the current potentials and their improvement in line with the goals and priorities emphasized in the science and technology higher order documents. To achieve such goals, INSF established the Science and Technology Studies group in 2011.

This group plays a key role in the development of science and technology in the country having hold technical discussions over the strategies of reaching aforementioned goals and necessities. In so doing, the group defines and supports research projects of high priority in Science and Technology Studies consistent with higher order documents such as 20 year Vision Document and the Comprehensive Scientific Roadmap of the country.


INSF Research Priorities in this field include:

Fundamental Studies in Science and Technology

-The relationships among new interdisciplinary sciences

-The scientific society and popularization of science

-Envisioning science and technology

-The ratio of science and technology to innovation

-The ethics of science, and the ethical evaluation of science

-The philosophy of science and technology

-The ratio of science and technology to culture


Policy Making, Management and Planning of Science and Technology

-Science and technology evaluation system in the country

-Actualizing the country’s science higher order documents

-The systems for the development of science, technology, and innovation

-The models for transferring science and technology in the country and world

-The political tools of innovation development

-The development and management of innovative and creative human resources

-Technology commercialization

-Intellectual property

-Scientific documents of other countries

-Changing the public attitude towards the role and functions of science and technology in the development of human beings with a strategic perspective towards students



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