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Research Grant

One of the INSF programs is to support those high ranking researchers who do not have the qualifications for a Research Chair Award, but hold high academic qualifications and appropriate research strategy to receive special supports. This award is for a period of 1 year and researchers are awarded up to maximum of 300 million Rials. Currently, this award is granted at both national and international level.

National Grant: It is granted to Iranian researchers employed by universities and research centers inside the country.

International Grant: It is granted to Iranian researchers residing outside Iran. This group of researchers and technologies are required to be employed by organizations, universities and or research centers accredited by Ministry of Science and technology. 

Research Grant Application and Nomination Process

1. Introducing the candidates for the award by the research groups in INSF

2. Filling in the research grant application form by the candidate

3. Evaluating different applications by the head of the reseach group and suggesting the most distinguished candidates to the members of the research group in INSF for further evaluation

4. Evaluating the candidates' application forms by the members of research groups taking into consideration their scientific achievements

5. Seeking other distinguished scientists' opinion about the candidates and their research proposals

6. Making the final decision and signing the memorandum of understanding or agreement by both parties (INSF and the research grant award candidate)

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