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About RFBR

Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) has been established following the decree of the president of Russian Federation as a self-governed non-profit state organization. The main goal of this organization is to provide financial and organizational support to scientific research proposals in all branches of fundamental sciences and on a strictly competitive basis.

RFBR currently supports research activities in the following fields:

  • Mathematics, mechanics, and information technology;
  • Physics and astronomy;
  • Chemistry and studies of materials;
  • Biology and medical sciences;
  • Earth sciences;
  • Humanities and social sciences;
  • Information technology and computer systems; and
  • Fundamental basics of engineering sciences.

Research projects funded by RFBR fall under 6 main groups:

1. Projects conducted by small research groups: These projects consume the main body of Foundation grants (70%) and are initiated by the researchers themselves and conducted by one researcher or a small group of researchers (at most 10 members).

2. Targeted Fundamental Research: These are research projects that have prospects for commercialization.

3. International Research: These types of projects are carried out jointly by Russian and foreign scientists from 26 different countries.

4. Regional Research: These types of research are carried out by Russian scientists from different regions of Russia.

5. Joint Research with CIS Countries: These researches are carried out jointly by scientists from Russia and the Commonwealth Independent States (CIS countries).

6. Researches carried out by Young Scientists: These types of projects are carried out by Russian scientists under 35 years of age. Travel grants for trips to conferences in Russia and abroad is amongst the financial support provided for the young scientists.

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