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INSF funds 48 national and international science events

Since March 2015, the beginning of Iranian fiscal year, Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) has supported 48 national and international scientific events. INSF’s support for these events, which are mentioned below, was provided based on the policy of balanced funding of science promotion and the events supported ranged in topics and scope. 


  1. Congress on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
  2. the sixth Conference of Safety Engineering and HSE Management
  3. the 9th Iranian Conference on Machine Vision and Image Processing
  4. The 12th International Conference on Membrane Science and Technology (MST2015)
  5. the 8th international Iranian Operations Research Society
  6. Third International Symposium on Environmental & Water Resource Engineering
  7. The International Conference on Engineering Education
  8. The 16th Conference on Medicine and Fertility Biology
  9. The First Nano physics & Metamaterial: from Simulation to Industry
  10. The first International Conference on Signal Processing and Intelligent Systems
  11. The first International and 22th Iranian Congress of Physiology and Pharmacology
  12. 5th International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration
  13. The 3rd International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics
  14. The conference on sustainable society and role of museums in green science promotion
  15. The International Conference on Stress and Mental Disorders
  16. The 14th Iranian Soil Science Congress
  17. Third Conference on food science and industry
  18. The 2nd International and 4th Iranian Congress in Medical Mycology: From Bench to Bed
  19. the 11th international epilepsy congress
  20. The Conference on the Culture of Peace and Science
  21. The 12th International ISC Conference on Information Security and Cryptology
  22. 22nd Iranian Conference on Biomedical Engineering 
  23. The Conference on Many-Body Systems
  24. The 10th National Conference of Quality & Productivity
  25. The First Health Innotech
  26. The first national conference on sport and branding
  27. The 6th International Color and Coatings Congress
  28. The 2nd Regional Conference on Climate Change & Global Warming
  29. Health Generation in the light of new Technologies
  30. The 3rdInternational Congress  of Transfusion Medicine
  31. international conference on Technology management
  32. International Water, Sustainable Development & Healthy Life Symposium
  33. Sharif Event on Water & Energy Nexus
  34. The 4th national conference on air and noise pollution management
  35. The 1st National Conference on Geospatial  Information Technology
  36. International Congress of young Archealogists
  37. 9Th Congress of Iranian Horticultural Science
  38. The 2nd Conference on moral Philosophy
  39. The First International Talent Management Congress
  40. The 13th National Conference on Environmental impact assessment
  41. 1st National Conference on New Findings in Sport Science
  42. The First Congress on Chemical Biotechnology
  43. The First International Conference on Dust
  44. The 1th International and 9th National Iranian Neurogenetic Congress
  45. The 2nd Congress on Tissue Development and Regenerative Medicine
  46. The First International Conference on the Role of patent & Intellectuall Property Rights Support in National Development.
  47. 8th Winter School on Computational Geometry
  48. 4th International Preventive Cardiology Congress

For further information with regards to INSFs support for scientific events click on this link.


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