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Zargham: INSF packages target Iranian human capitals

Delivering a speech as a key note speaker at the 1st International and 9th National Iranian Neurogenetic Congress, Iran National Science Foundation’s president Dr. Zargham highlighted the role of systematic support for science and innovation. Dr. Zargham added that to achieve its goals, INSF does its best to utilize all Iranian human capitals, in all age groups and both in Iran and abroad.

Below is a transcript of this speech.

In The Name of God
Greetings and good morning to our distinguished guests. It is my pleasure to extend our warm welcome to professor Hans-Hilger Ropers. I would also like to take the chance to thank the organizers of the First International Neurogenetics Congress. I hope, this gathering would mark the beginning of a significant and growing collaboration between the scientists and researchers in Iran and across the globe. The topics which will be discussed during this congress are of extremely significance, and I believe no research could be done successfully without proper amount of support.
As you may know, I am the president of INSF, Iran National Science Foundation. INSF is a key organization in supporting science and research in Iran. It was founded in 2003 to continue the activities of Iranian Council for Scientific Research as an independent organization. INSF has a board of trustees and the chairman of the board is the vice president for science and technology, Dr. Sattari. 
At INSf, our main goal is developing science, technology and innovation, and our most important strategy is to use and support all Iranian research and scientific capacities, both inside and outside of Iran. 
To achieve our goals, we have designed different funding and educational packages. The educational packages are the direct results of our researches, and are meant to popularize science among Iranians. Our packages target Iranian human capitals in a wide range of age groups. I would like to explain our packages for a moment.
  • For parents, kindergarten trainers, school teachers, and Iranian media we are developing educational packages which will be presented to the public through Payam-noor University, media, and local councils.
  • For elementary and high school students we provide funding for their schools’ research centers.
  • Undergraduate students can collaborate in research projects funded by INSF, along with a faculty member. INSF also supports scientific cores, which are groups of talented students supervised by a leading professor.
  • Graduate students can also collaborate in research projects funded by INSF, along with a faculty member. In addition, INSF provides dissertation fund for Phd students.
  • For Phd graduates who are interested in doing academic research we provide post-doc funding.
  • For University faculty members INSF provides research funding.
  • For those faculty members with outstanding research background, we provide research chairs and research grants.
  • I have to mention that young assistant professors, female researchers and underprivileged regions of Iran receive special attention from INSF. 
  • Lately, we have implemented the synergy grant program, in order to create a link between different fields of science; interdisciplinarity is of outmost importance for our foundation.
Currently, 72% of faculty and researchers nationwide are working with our foundation, and we intend to have more prominent mark in the international scientific community.
  • INSF does its best to utilize foreign resources. Therefore, we are collaborating with different foreign foundations such as:
  • RFBR (Russian Foundation for Basic Research) with which we mainly define joint megascience projects
  • DFG (German Research Foundation) and CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) with which we mainly define joint research projects.
  • IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) with which we define joint research projects in various fields of studies.
With these packages and collaborations, INSF, does its best to fulfill Iran’s needs in basic and applied research. 
Thank you very much for your time and attention and I wish our foreign visitors a great stay in Iran.

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