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a research project funded by INSF has developed:

Conserving Biodiversity by Focusing on Umbrella Species


It is no secret that conserving the endangered species is a must and optimizing the ways of doing so, a need.

Deserts in Iran are home to many different species, and it is our responsibility to protect this fabulous ecosystem. Identifying geographical distribution of these species, determining the response of each specie to environmental factors and variables, detecting regions with most diversity, and scientifically selecting the focal species that need to be protected are amongst the very basic steps we have to take to pay back a small share of what we have taken from nature.

In a research project funded by Iran National Science Foundation (INSF), researchers have attempted to find answers to these questions. “Selecting a Comprehensive Multispecies Umbrella for Biodiversity Conservation of Fragile Desert Ecosystems of Central Iran” is the title of this research project which yielded effective answers to help develop new methods to conserve Iran’s desert ecosystem.

The Focal-Species approach based on ecologic methods has been seen as effective. Identifying the similarities and differences of carnivore species in matters of habitat needs is one of the fundamental steps in identifying groups of focal species.

In this project, basic ecologic information has been obtained about distribution, habitat needs, habitat segregation, and habitat overlap of 10 species of mammalian carnivores (five species of Feliformia, and five species of Canidae) in a desert region in Iran. The findings of this study helped the researchers identify the focal species, and therefore define a conservation umbrella for other endangered species in fragile desert ecosystem of Iran.


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