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in an INSF-funded project,

Researchers Build a Burden Transport Robot


How does a kid learn to keep balanced when walking? By learning via practicing. This strategy is what has been used by researchers from Sharif University of Technology to design and develop a robot to transfer burden and human.

In an INSF-funded project, Sharif University researchers managed to build a two-wheeled burden/human transport robot that operates with electrical energy and uses modern methods such as fuzzy control system and machine learning to come up with the desired balance and stability.

Another merit of this work of science and art is its being small and non-polluting. In an era when our world is suffering from air and sound pollution as well as heavy traffic, creating a soundless, clean machine that is small enough to cause no trouble while moving seems to be not a luxury any more, but a necessity.

This robot can be used in hospitals, factories, office buildings and other high-transportation-traffic working areas to move humans or objects. It can also be utilized in boarder control or by security guards.

Since numerous abilities of the robot are added to the device via installing advanced soft wares, the use of hard ware elements has been reduced to its minimum, therefore lesser need for expensive pieces. Hence, the final price of this invention can be said to be reduced in comparison with those available in the market. The system of this robot comprises sensors, wheels, circuits and of course, a processor.



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