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The challenges facing the country for preparing the conditions to join world market, sustainable development, respect health standards in the production of fishery and dairy products, protect the animals against different diseases, increase the efficiency of traditional units of animal husbandry, the use of new and modern technologies, and the need to be familiar with the shared diseases between humans and animals have doubled the importance given to Animal, Veterinary, and Fishery Sciences. 

The Animal, Veterinary, and Fishery Sciences group is one of the newly founded groups in INSF. This group was launched in 2013. The members of this group include highly distinguished scientists and university faculty. Consistent with the higher order documents of the country and its needs, this group tries to define research priorities  and examine the research proposals sent by researchers in this field. In so doing, this group intends to use the latest findings and technology in Animal, Veterinary, and Fishery Sciences. 


Research priorities in this field include:

Husbandry and Fishery

The introduction of new and economic species of fish, livestock, and birds

The improvement of food conversion ratio of fish, livestock, and birds

Taming and reproducing different native species of the country as an economic resource 


The production of vaccines for animals 

Animal diseases

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