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Given the promising prospect of the country’s social capital in Arts and Architecture and the historical role of Islamic Iran in shaping and distributing art, so far adequate research has not been carried out on different aspects of art in the country. In 2011, INSF founded the Arts and Architecture research group in order to expand research done in this field.

Examining the process of research projects in this group shows that founding a distinct research group for this field has paved the way for increasing supports made by INSF, but the potential for this field in the country is much higher than the one observed in the Arts and Architecture research group of INSF so far. It is necessary to take the relevant measures to fully use this potential in line with the developmental goals of Islamic Republic of Iran. The members of this group include distinguished researchers from field such as Visual Arts, History and Philosophy of Art, Architecture, Industrial Design, Graphics, Theater, Music, and Cinema. 


The research priorities in this field include:

Theoretical Principles of art and architecture

Improving research and education based on national-Islamic identity of art and architecture

Recognizing the sustainable values of Islamic-Iranian art and architecture

Promoting, transferring, and developing local and modern technologies in the arts and architecture

Arts and other aspects of science (cultural, social, economic, psychological, environmental, managerial, etc.)

Research on music, cinema, and theater with a local perspective



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