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Given the industrialization of the majority of the countries, Greenhouse gases, environmental pollution, volcanic eruptions, global warming, and solar activities, Climate Change and Global Warming Studies is one of the fields which has been caught close attention in the past 50 years.

The importance of this field is being increased. The earth average temperature has increased .8 celsius in the last century. Scientists expect an increase of 1/5 to 3/5 celsius in the coming 100 years.

The Climate Change and Global Warming research group was founded in 2010 in INSF. The members of this group consist of distinguished researchers and faculty members of the country. The domain of this group is not only limited to reviewing research proposals. Supporting well designed programs for scientific events such as conferences and workshops, and defining national and international projects to address the policy makers concerns over climate change and global warming are among the other activities of this research group. Considering the multidimensional nature of climate change, this research group intends to further the interdisciplinary cooperation with other fields and groups in INSF.

Research Priorities in this field include:

Physical principles of climate change

Modeling climate change data at the national and international levels

Monitoring the elements of climate change through modern technologies and GIS at the national and international levels

Studying the uncertainty of the outputs by models such as  Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model specifically at the geographic level of the country 

Evaluating the appropriate methods in micro scaling the data on climate change 

Evaluating the time series of the country’s climate elements and the possibility of climate change detection 

The impact of climate change, adaptability, and challenges

Evaluation of the consequences of climate change on the different parts of the country (natural resources, water, environment, agriculture, health, energy, etc.)

Evaluation of the challenges facing the country in case climate change happens

Evaluation of the methods for adjusting with the climate change phenomenon in different parts of the country and increasing adaptability with this phenomenon

Decreasing the consequences of climate change

Studying the global conventions in decreasing the causes of climate change (reduction og greenhouse gases) and its implications for the country and the region

The necessary measures for the presence of the country’s scientists and policy makers in the international events relevant to climate change

Studying Carbon business and its operationalization for the country

Green product and economics consistent with reduction in the amount of greenhouse gas production

Green city, green business, green management, and green life

Studying the country’s economic activities from greenhouse effect perspective and wats to reduce it

Promoting the educational infrastructure in order to be consistent with climate change

National and international scientific partnership on climate change and global warming

Supporting the scientific events on climate change financially

Supporting the country’s prestigious journal to publish special issues on climate change

Defining new courses about climate change in different educational periods in order to promote the society’s knowledge about this phenomenon

Making the public familiar with the climate change phenomenon through media



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