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Innovation centers play an important role in the development of basic and fundamental knowledge and finally converting it into wealth. Success of the innovation centers demands implementation of fundamental research projects and close cooperation of academic centers, government and industry to design new products. Based on the outcomes of these resaerch projects , it is possible to introduce them into the market.

Given the importance of supporting the formation and development of innovation centers in the country for reasons like lack of innovation centers in most financial institutes, lack of development of such centers in universities, and that no institution in the country has been in charge of the formation and development of innovation centers, INSF in line with Article 2 of the Statute (generating science, technology and commercialization and consequently benefiting people) and INSF strategic plans (supporting development of demand oriented research (first strategy), supporting development of strategic sciences and technologies (ninth strategy), strengthening coherence and integrity of the science and technology rings (fourth strategy)), has tried to launch innovation centers via the creation of a Innovation Development Center in INSF and cooperation with other universities and research institutes.

Goals and objectives of formation and development of innovation centers are as follows:

Supporting research to supply technology based discoveries and commercializing them

Assisting in formation of new models from collaboration between industry, universities and the government.

Assisting in the country’s elites employment

Developing the country’s innovation culture

Assisting in formation of resistive and knowledge-based economy

Taking advantage of national and international research accomplishments for the society

Assisting in development of integration in education, research, production and entrepreneurship for elevation of the society

Developing a comprehensive and universal approach to innovation and focusing on national needs

Considering the sustained universe in development of new technologies


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