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Development of knowledge and technology in the country requires investment in research and its infrastructure specifically the human resources. In line with its mission, INSF has defined a post doctoratal program to exhaust existing research potentials at universities to be used for high priority needs and help consolidate the human infrastructure of research in the country.  The kinds of support provided by INSF are mentioned in the post doctoral guideline.

Post Doctoral research projects are offered at both national and international levels. National Post Doctoral Projects are granted to Iranians holding a PHD degree from national universities. International Post Doctoral Projects are granted to Iranians holding PHD degree from international universities. In so doing, INSF tries to encourage them to return to the country and help import their research accomplishments into Iranian universities. The international candidates must be graduated from universities or research centers approved by the Iran Ministry of Science and Technology. 

To gain further information on post doctoral program application guidedownload this document.
To gain further information on post doctoral project review process, download this document.
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