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Research chair awards are granted annually to Iranian outstanding scientists with a considerable scientific background, strategic research plan and clear understanding of the society’s needs in their specialties and fields. This award is one of the most prestigious awards granted by INSF.

INSF offers a variety of schemes within this program. This award is granted to both individual researchers and research groups at the national and international levels for a 5 year period. One of the most inspiring features of this program is that young researchers at the beginning of their professional life can also be considered for a research chair award. So far, about twenty research chair awards have been granted to the most eminent scientists by INSF.

Types of Research Chair Awards

1. Individual Research Chair

This chair is granted to a researcher who possesses international or national scientific authority and prestige. The funding is 500 million Rials for over a 5 year period. This period can be extended for another 5 years.

2. Group Research Chair

This chair is granted to a research group consisting of outstanding researchers led by a professor who is both nationally and internationally recognized. The funding for this award is 600 million Rials for 5 years which can be extended for another 5 years.

3. International Research Chair

This chair is granted to an Iranian professor, residing abroad, who is scientifically popular at the national and internatinal levels. The type of funding and time period are decided by INSF before the award is granted.

4. Young Research Chair

This research chair is granted to young scientists (under 40) with the aim of providing early support to young researchers at the beginning of their professional journey. 300 million Rials is awarded for one year.

Research Chair Application and Nomination Process

1. Introducing the candidates for the award by the research groups in INSF

2. Filling in the research chair application form by the candidate

3. Evaluating different applications by the head of the reseach group and suggesting the most distinguished candidates to the members of the research group in INSF for further evaluation

4. Evaluating the candidates' application forms by the members of research groups taking into consideration their scientific achievements

5. Seeking other distinguished scientists' opinion about the candidates and their research proposals

6. Making the final decision and signing the memorandum of understanding or agreement by both parties (INSF and the research chair award candidate)

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