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Sustainable development and advancement of a country is highly dependent on educating and preserving its academic, technological and research resources.  Researchers and technologists pave the way for the advancement of a country, its academic and technological progress and finally its multilateral sustainable development. Therefore, identification and establishment of relations with this distinguished layer of the society is of the highest priority in order to have their participation and academic cooperation in various fields in line with the proliferation of science and technology.

To achieve this goal, in line with the paragraph 4, principle 3 of the Constitution and paragraph 16 of Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) is founded “to provide facilities to scientists, set the scene for the proper regulation of science and technology advancement, and prepare the right platform for their actualization with the goal of satisfying people’s interests and consequently the country’s sustainable development”.

One of the services offered by INSF is supporting basic and applied research projects with the aim of extending horizons of knowledge and resolving the country’s vital needs. This service is provided on the basis of the country’s scientific priorities decided by INSF annually within the specific research areas.

Research Projects are classified into 3 groups: Micro Research Projects, Macro Research Projects and International Research Projects.

Micro Research Projects include projects presented to the relevant Review Group by researchers on topics with a micro and limited scope.

Macro Research Projects include projects presented to the relevant Review Group by researchers on topics with a national scope. Sometimes, Macro Research Projects are ordered by the specific Review Group.

International Research Projects include projects presented to the relevant Review Group by Iranian researchers residing inside or outside Iran on transnational and international topics and needs.


Research Proposal Evaluation Process 

Research proposals, after preliminary review by the heads of the Scientific Review Groups upon completion of forms and other relevant documents, will be examined in the Review Groups' sessions taking place once every month. When a research proposal is considered within the research fields prioritized by the INSF, a referee will be assigned by the associated Review Group. Head of the associated Group shall be in charge of staying in touch with the referee about final decisions.

For further information on the research project review process, please download this document.

For further queries, please contact the relevant group.

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